Gluteus Exercises

gluteus exercises
gluteus exercises
gluteus exercises

Searching for Gluteus exercises means you are searching for exercises for the butt area. The gluteus is a group of three muscles, and it is important for your body and you look good when you have strong glutes.


There is three muscles included in the Gluteus also called "The Glutes": the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus and they are located on your butt. The maximus is the largest and most superficial muscle of the three, and is used to flex your hip and extend it. The medius and minimus is helping the hip to pull away from and to draw it back to the body. They are also helping to hold your pelvis upright. 


If you spend a lot of time sitting down in a day, on work for example, this can lead to weak gluteus muscles, then it is important to exercise gluteus. It is also good to have a strong gluteus to prevent lower body injuries, so start to target and perform these gluteus exercises now.


Before starting to exercise gluteus you should warm up and stretch. Run, walk or ride a bicycle, outdoor or on a machine. Then stretch your legs and butt, stretch by lying down and bending one leg and at the same time pushing in towards your chest or by sitting, cross one leg over the other and grab your knee to pull the toward your body. This should stretch your gluteus. 


One-leg squat
Stand on both legs, then lift one leg up in the air behind you and bend your knee. Then do a squat, focus on keeping your balance and to keep a good posture. If this is to hard, start with two legs. 

Gluteus Exercises doing a deadliest. Have a barbell with proper weights, then grip it with your hands and look in the mirror to se that you keep a straight back and that your butt is out. Then lift the barbell close to your legs and at the same time stretch up your body so when you are with the barbell at the knees, your are standing up straight. Don't forget to bend your knees when you are lifting up. 


You do it in the exercises above but to really target this muscle, try a hip abduction. To exercise gluteus medius will help your pelvis, hips and prevent knee pain. 

Do a side-lying hip abduction to exercise gluteus, by lying down on your side. Support your upper body with your elbow and lift the upper leg towards the roof, lower it down again and let the feet barely move before you repeat the movement. After 8-10 reps, switch side and do the same on the other side. You can also bend your legs and keep your feet together this time, and then lift your leg without lifting your foot. 


As soon as you stand up you are using your gluteus, and when you do cardio exercises you will also exercise gluteus. Hiking often involves to walk in steep landscapes, and this will involve your glutes. Put on a backpack to make it harder, and remember to enjoy the view! 

To do biking will target muscles in your butt and also in the thighs and hips. To run will exercise the gluteus, add some hills to your running route to really target this muscles. If you rather want to do some walking, you can walk up a hill or walk up stairs to target the butt.